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This Friday, March 19th, New Hampshire-based singer-songwriter Justin Cohn is releasing his newest single “Lie To Me” on all major streaming platforms. Before it’s available any where else, enjoy a preview of this song along with this premier!

Produced by Brian Coombes at Rocking Horse Studio in Pittsfield, NH, “Lie To Me” features Justin Cohn on rhythm guitar and vocals, Eric Wagley (drums), Brenden Harisiades (bass), and Myron Kibbee (lead guitar).

After I listened to this track for the first time, I sent Justin a message. …

“Float Upstream” is the latest release from Rhode Island-based singer-songwriter Carlin Tripp. This tune was co-written by Tripp and the song’s producer Scott Mickelson and is available everywhere you stream your music!

“Float Upstream” written by Carlin Tripp and Scott Michelson.

The song opens with a simple, tasteful piano arpeggio that’s accompanied by layers of guitar, bass, and drums. This riff sets the tone for the entire song and stuck with me long after my first time giving “Float Upstream” a spin. Each time I listened to this track I really appreciated the textures and nuances created in those opening…

When you go to a show, your ticket represents a unique experience. Livestream shows shouldn’t be any different! In this article, we take a look at strategies to curate an event that is worth the price of admission!


Schedule and Promote

When scheduling an event, it’s important to think of it as a real show. You need to consider how long it’s been since your last performance (online or in-person) — if you are going live too frequently, you will burn out your ticket sales. You should think about the day and time that will be best for your audience and your vibe…

For most of us, the best camera that we have access to lives in our pocket. But your smart phone is not a viable solution for producing good audio. In this article, we’ll show you how to connect your audio interface to your smart phone, which will enable you to combine high-quality audio production with HD video.

Two quick disclaimers: 1) Some audio interfaces allow you connect directly to your cell phone. The most common of such audio interfaces is the iRig. If you have this audio interface, you can skip this article altogether! 2) This article is going to…

In an ideal word, every musicians would have a production crew at their disposal. But a musician’s world is far from ideal, and producing a professional-quality livestream show is challenging.

So, we set out to answer a simple question: how can a musician produce a livestream show (that’s worth charging a ticket!) using common home recording gear? Specifically, we solved for production using basic audio interfaces that only has 1 input. This article focuses specifically on the audio components. If you are interested in learning basic video production for livestreams, check out the next article in this series.

Gear Scenario 1: Audio Interface and 1–2 Mics

Solution #1: the single-mic singer-songwriter.

Start with…

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools

This is the first piece in a series on how to set up a livestream concert using basic home recording equipment.

Quality audio is a prerequisite for any production, particularly if you are charging a ticket for admission. Basic audio interfaces offer a cost-effective resource for getting your music broadcast up and running. In this article, we’re presenting a list of 9 audio interfaces that will work with the production techniques described in the rest of the this series.

Homepages of Backline, Lively.Studio, and Tidze

If you’re like most musicians we’ve talked to, you’ve experimented with livestreams. Maybe you’ve gone live on Facebook and collected tips on Venmo. Maybe you’ve used Eventbrite and Zoom to make a ticketed show. Or maybe you are like Dua Lipa and produced a concert that broke the internet.

Assuming that you’re not yet an international sensation with a professional production crew, you’re probably looking for some guidance finding a livestream solution that is right for you.

To help you navigate your adventures in stream-land, we’ve reviewed three solutions — Backline, Lively.Studio, and Tidze. We selected these three because each…

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